On Canada’s Supreme Court’s Ruling Regarding Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down euthanasia laws, paving way for euthanasia and assisted suicide laws to be established by Canada’s Federal government. They have a year to do this, which is hardly what I would consider enough time to establish a loophole free framework for the deliberate ending of someone’s life. I’ve been trying to express my thoughts and opinions on this, but it’s been hard. I mean, it should come as little surprise that I am against euthanasia and assisted suicide, however my reasons are for very personal reasons, so personal that for once in my life I am having difficulties expressing myself. Some of these reasons and feelings are encapsulated by the photo you will see next:

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On 50 Shades & Why It’s Take on Sexual Violence Leaves Much to Be Desired

On the surface, this post may seem slightly antiquated at some point in the future, since I’ll be referring to a movie that will soon be released. But the themes and content of the movie, and the books that comprise the source material, are things that will likely stick around until the end of time. Things like anger, violence, trying to fix someone, and broken persons lashing out.

The movie being released is called “50 Shades of Grey”, a dramatic film based on a book. At this point most know the bare plot; naive young woman meets older man who has issues, they begin a sexually charged relationship with some violent sex thrown in. What some don’t know is that the book itself is actually based on a Twilight fan-fic, meaning that the entire plot of 50 Shades could be viewed through the lens of a teenaged romance novel. Ordinarily not quite disturbing, except that this fan-fic with said characters in a story designed for younger readers was highly sexually charged, with overt sexual violence.

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On the Catholic Church & the Societal-Wide Issue of Child Abuse

The outrage towards child abuse is understandable and just, because abuse is simply an evil act and a betrayal of trust. There is no way that these acts should be condoned, and this post is the opposite of being a defense of any abusive actions, physical, sexual, verbal. What this post is going to talk about though, is one thing I can’t stand. It’s the immediate reaction of “the majority of priests are pedophiles” and the reflexive statements about sexual and physical abuse, as if those are the norm. Especially when the crimes that some priests committed are being committed by others in positions of authority and trust, yet they receive little to no media attention.

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On the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

I covered the Immaculate Conception in a previous blog post, however something I didn’t touch base on is the perpetual virginity of Mary. It’s an interesting topic, one which causes confusion among Catholics and Protestants alike. When I first started studying this, I honestly thought “compared with Virgin births, deaths and resurrections, tongues of fire, burning bushes, mana from Heaven, someone remaining a virgin for the rest of their lives doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch of the imagination”.

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On Pope Francis & Customs Being Elevated to the Level of Doctrine

There has been much said regarding Pope Francis washing the feet of women and a couple of Muslims. There have been complaints from traditionalists that Pope Francis did not wear the traditional red shoes, and during a Mass he bowed during the Consecration rather than genuflect. They look at these departures and think that if those change, then other elements of the Faith will change. On the other side, some people see these action and hold hope that radical change is coming to the Church.
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On the Journey to the Child Jesus

Several years ago, at the behest of a woman who I was interested in dating, I attended the Extraordinary Form (the “traditional Latin Mass”) at her parish. She attended the local Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter parish, while I was volunteering at a Life Teen parish in the East end of town.  I figured that I would visit her parish to see what it was like, and to expose myself to a different element of Catholicism (and to impress the girl, of course).

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On the Heart of a Missionary

When some think “missionary” they think of of people traveling, spreading the Gospel. Aiding the poor, the broken hearted in far away lands. Yes, this is one version, but over the years I have come to the conclusion that it is not always the case.

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