About the Vagrant Catholic

Vagrant: “A person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging”.

You’re probably wondering what that has to do with Catholicism. When you consider that the word “mendicant” comes from the Latin term “begging”, things become more clear. And when you consider that arguably the most famous mendicants is Saint Francis of Assisi

My love for Francis of Assisi is something I’m not shy about. The Franciscan way of life has dominated my spiritual walk and has played a key role in forming my faith. Seeing how Francis handled things, how other Franciscans (like Bonaventure) handled things, I began realizing my thought process was similar.

There’s three people who are responsible for me starting this blog, and a fourth who played a role in myself deciding to actually attach my name to this. First, a mentor of mine, Brother Jason Richard, mentioned awhile ago that he feels that online ministry is something that should be utilized more. Seeing how he has impacted me via his online presence, I felt that what he did I should emulate. So I started commenting on people’s Facebook status update’s, providing apologetics and getting into discussions about the Faith.

The second person was one of the volunteers at our youth program, who posted a status update on Facebook about a controversial topic. I began responding to others who posted under the status update, and I kept on writing and writing. Joel approached me the following Sunday at Sunday Night Live (the youth group we volunteer at) and mentioned to me that “I like how you presented your ideas and how you carried yourself. You have a gift for writing, you should do it more often”. As a man who values respect above most things, the fact he respected my writing and thought it was well done made me think I should expand things.

The third person is my wife, Stephanie Gauthier. I finally got around to finishing up my note on the Immaculate Conception and the role of Mary within the Church, and she said I should start blogging. This was important, because frankly, she often hears my material before I start writing, so the fact she would read it and say positive things denoted that, yes, I should move forward with a blog.

Finally, for the first while I was thinking of making this blog anonymous. Not because I’m concerned with attaching my name to the content, but rather I wanted to see if people would respect my opinions and content independent of who I am and what they know of me. After talking with Jamie Benz (and after prayer), I decided that I would go public as the Vagrant Catholic.

So here we are, now on a blog. This blog is designed for apolgetics on different things, although there will also be references to liturgical matters. Don’t be shocked if Canon Law shows up once or twice as well.

In closing; as a Catholic who follows the ways of the mendicant fathers, the Vagrant Catholic is a devoted husband and father. He enjoys writing, reading, a hodgepodge of other things, and apparently occasionally writing in the third-person.

God bless, and enjoy reading.

Richard “Rickard” Morin

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