On the COVID19 Vaccines and Cooperation with Evil

I’d like to take some moments to discuss the nature of COVID19 vaccines, and how it interacts with the theological and philosophical concept “cooperation with evil”.

Several sites (such as Science Magazine specifically say the cell line used in the development of the vaccine are from an elective abortion that was performed decades ago. There was no specific harvesting of unborn children then, and there’s no specific harvesting of unborn children now related to the COVID19 vaccine. I welcome any reputable citations others may have that points towards the harvesting of unborn children for the COVID19 vaccines, however you’d think someone would’ve presented this at some point in the last several months.

The question then becomes one of “cooperation with evil”. The fetal cells used in the development of the COVID19 vaccines are multiple-times copied from the original source. It’d look something like this; original source >>>> cloned cells >>>> cloned cells >>>> cloned cells >>>> cloned cells >>>> cloned cells >>>> cloned cells. We’re very far removed, decades even. And, this is an incredibly important thing to keep in mind; one can acknowledge the past while navigating the present and impacting the the future.

What’s done is done, the child is long dead. And we must lend our voices to efforts to promote ethical science. However, it would be better for us at this time to pray that the young child’s death from an elective abortion may bring life and health to millions, and pray for the soul of that child.

Now, onto another matter regarding cooperation with evil.

A meta-analysis involving five cohort studies with 1,256,407 children seems like a very exhaustive and thorough way to approach finding something out. In this case, there’s one million two hundred fifty six thousand four hundred seven reasons why we know vaccines don’t “cause autism. An study based in Denmark involving 657,461 children showed zero link between vaccines and autism. Yet somehow, that topic remains relevant.

The “vaccines cause autism” discussion points have done something more than just allow measles outbreaks, it’s accomplished something much more sinister; it’s allowed for it to be acceptable to demonize autism, to treat it as if it’s a terrible disease that’s inflicted on children. It’s resulted in videos from distraught parents who record their kids without their children’s consent. It’s resulted in people assuming autistics are deficient or mentally handicapped. It’s resulted in “functionalism”. where people are treated solely based on the function they provide and how well they function as a whole. It’s even resulted in situations where some folks who get diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder say they have “Aspergers” because it’s seen as “less bad than autism”/”autism lite” – despite Aspergers being folded under ASD several years ago.

Aspergers Syndrome, named after Doctor Hans Asperger, serves as an important talking point in this. Old Hans had “his kids” and he kept them safe. The less functional kids were sent to Auschwitz. We fast forward to today, and we can see modern day Hans Aspergers; folks like Andrew Wakefield and Robert Kennedy do their speaking tours and promoting their books. We have Autism Speaks making their videos. Everything they do, and those who speak their words and materials, continue to have autistics be treated as sub-human. That autistics need to be “cured”. While all this is happening, Autism Speaks is funding and promoting a genome project to find the specific genomes that can identify autism. This will likely lead to pre-natal screening, much like we now see with Down Syndrome.

Which will result in unborn autistics dying.

My people being wiped out of existence, with polio and measles being viewed as a better alternative.

Essentially, what I’m saying is the “vaccines cause autism” discussion points is actually much closer to cooperating with evil than the use of cloned cells from a decades old elective abortion being used to develop a vaccine that will save millions of lives.

Meanwhile, I saw a comment on social media saying “you wouldn’t be saying it’s cells from decades ago if it was your child”.

This is something that the families of murder victims struggle with only a regular basis. It’s why the desire for the death penalty is so strong; there’s an emotional reaction that manifests with a desire for there to be some form of retributive and punitive justice – a life for a life. I understand this though, and for years I subscribed to it. At some point though I realized it wasn’t healthy to think that way. As strong as my desire for things to be “fair and just” is, quite simply when it pertains to the death of another human being it isn’t a healthy attitude to have. It’s yet another form of objectification, another instance of humans being treated as sub-human.

Of course, the follow-up response would easily be “you’re being flippant by referring to the cells of the aborted child being from decades ago, and you’re objectifying that child”. I can understand why one would say this, however;

1) No one is denying that the aborted child wasn’t a child.
2) That child wasn’t terminated for use with vaccines, the kid was terminated for other reasons unrelated to research of any kind
3) Acknowledging the good that came from the situation does not negate acknowledging the evil that happened before.

I’ll go a step further; the true objectification is holding up the child as a martyr of some kind for a debunked cause based on greed (Wakefield, Kennedy, Mercola, Autism Speaks), fraudulent science (the same names as before), political alignment (Abby Johnson, Father Pavone, Bishop Strickland), and/or fringe conspiracy theorists (+Vigano). A debunked cause that could begin to lead to the systematic extermination of people who already face systematic oppression outside the womb. And if you don’t believe autistics face oppression every day, well, I encourage you to *listen* to what autistics have to say about their experiences.

Besides, there’s a lot of things I’d be thinking if my child was murdered, their organs or cells being used to save the lives of others may or may not be one of those things. But if it was, if anything, the knowledge that the legacy of one’s child involves saving the lives of others may provide a small measure of comfort.

Finally, the person gave reference to “Children of God for Life”. A note for everyone; coming at an autistic with a website that contains “vaccines cause autism” information after the autistic has broken down why such a stance is deplorable shows at best one is obtuse, and at worse it shows one is malicious.

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