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On the Heart of a Missionary

When some think “missionary” they think of of people traveling, spreading the Gospel. Aiding the poor, the broken hearted in far away lands. Yes, this is one version, but over the years I have come to the conclusion that it … Continue reading

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On the Errors of Sedevacantism

I’ve been debating on if I should post this or not, because sedevacantism is a dangerous thing. “Sedevacantism” is the school of thought that the Chair of Peter is vacant. Basically, sedevacantists believe our current pope (Pope Benedict XVI) is … Continue reading

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On “Doubting Thomas” & Why He’s a Hero to Us All.

After every Easter we hear the same story; the story of Thomas (“The Twin”). “Doubting Thomas”. And every year we hear in sermons/homilies about how Thomas doubted. And every year I get annoyed. What gets lost in this is what … Continue reading

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On the Woman’s “Right to Choose”: The Philosophical & Psychological Ramifications of Unlimited Choice & Eugenics

There are few common statements I hear from pro-choice folks regarding their side of the abortion debate: 1) It’s a woman’s body, so it’s a woman’s choice. 2) It’s not a “real human”, it’s a “fetus”. 3) “Get out of … Continue reading

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On Marian Devotion & the Immaculate Conception

As Catholics we hold a special place of honour for our Mother, Mary. This can be somewhat confusing to non-Catholics, who have several misconceptions and questions regarding Marian devotions. They question as to why Mary is held in such high … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Vagrant Catholic Blog!

Well this is it. Yet another blog has reached the Internet.  What can you expect from this blog? –  You can expect intermittent posts with no set update schedule.  Could be hours, could be days. –  You can expect no … Continue reading

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